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Purify Natural Deodorant 50g

Purify Natural Deodorant 50g

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When life gets overheated, don't sweat the small stuff! Bee one of a kind’s PURIFY natural deodorant is simply that... pure and natural. No nasty chemicals. No synthetics. No aluminium. As this deodorant is all natural, it will not actually prevent the body from sweating, however, it will be successful in masking odours. As a natural function, our bodies actually need to sweat in order to eliminate toxins from the body and drain the lymphatic system.

To use:  Scrape a pea sized amount and apply underarms. A little goes a long way!

With daily use, you can expect this little tin to last 3-4 months! So economical and sustainable! And when you're done, wash and reuse your aluminium tin to store loose change, your favourite earrings or mints! How handy is that!?


Why your skin will love it

  • Naturally masks body odour with Diatomaceous Earth and Tea Tree Oil
  • Soothing and anti-bacterial with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and beeswax
  • Doesn’t clog your pores with non-comedogenic properties
  • Free from chemicals, synthetics and aluminum
  • Refreshing scent of fresh citrus

Please note, as this product is handmade, consistencies may vary across batches. This product may melt in warmer weather and solidify in cooler temperatures, however this will not alter the performance of the product.

Packaged in a 50g reusable aluminum tin. 

– Australian made

– Locally sourced ingredients

– 100% Natural

– Cruelty free

– Handcrafted & made with love

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